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Il Papa

Il Papa

Learning this morning that Pope Benedict is stepping down, the first to do so in nearly 600 years, made my heart heavy. I really loved this Pope, and I wish that I had had the time to know him more. I was a little too young to know JPII, but Benedict was MY Pope.

Reactions so far have been somewhat uncharitable. The man is very old, and he stood by JPII for years as that great man’s health deteriorated. He must know some of the dangers, sorrows, and difficulties of becoming incapacitated while still Pope.

I was in Toronto for World Youth Day in 2002. That was still three years before JPII’s death, but even then he was suffering tremendously and his health was very low. It was hard to understand him when he spoke. Perhaps Pope Benedict knows better than us all what it means to deteriorate while Bishop of Rome. Though saddened, I am ready to understand and trust that he does this not out of selfishness, as some have suggested, but knowing what is best for the Church.

God watch and keep him.

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Honey Boo Boo’s Cri de Coeur

I have been thinking about writing a blog post about Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo, for some time now.  What I’ve realized is that Alana Thompson can only be saved by you and me.  I think a lot of people know the show is horrible, but they watch it, only ironically of course.  They watch, because they get pleasure from knowing that they’re better than Alana and her mom.  They and TLC are in on the joke about exposing these horrible rednecks.  But what’s missing from that view is that Alana is a person.  A human being.  Apparently she is six years old now.  Six.  It might already be too late not to ruin this human, this person, for life.  And if you’ve watched the show you should feel complicit in it.  When, in eight short years, this poor soul turns to drugs and alcohol the watchers of this show should feel a lump of guilt in their throats.  Yes, it’s partly Alana’s mom’s fault, and yes it’s partly TLC’s fault.  But if you’re watching the show, you’re making it profitable for TLC and Alana’s mom to keep treating Alana like she’s inhuman.  You, who rail against capitalism, the evils of capitalism are possible because individuals allow them to flourish.  Turn off the t.v., I beg you, change the channel.  You can literally save a life.

I read an article once about sexually abused children.  It turns out that the ones who are able to find order and sense in the world, to find some kind of justice, are able to walk away from abuse relatively unscathed.  Those kids who feel that they can turn to figures of authority for help, and get that help, and their perpetrator is punished, find a way to function in this flawed world.  Those kids who never turn to authority fare worse, and the worst of all are those who turn to authority and are ignored, denied, or intimidated.  Those are the kids you read about who ended up over-dosing on heroine, hanging themselves in their bedroom late at night, or taking a leaping jump off a Manhattan rooftop.  These kids never find peace, can never make sense of this evil and terrible world.  For these kids all there is is senseless disorder and the crushing pain of a society that sacrificed them, rejected them, and forgot them.

Apparently Alana and her mom were recently guests on the “Dr. Drew Show.”  Most of the news articles focused on the fact that Alana apparently slapped Dr. Drew in the face.  What was less talked about were Alana’s answers to Dr. Drew’s questions.  Alana could not help but scream NO! when Dr. Drew asked if she liked being on t.v., she continued that she hates fans coming up to her all the time.  Both times Alana’s mom contradicted or ignored her; it isn’t true, she said, but Alana insisted that it is.  She complained that not even her principle calls her Alana, calling her Honey Boo Boo instead, and her mom denied it.  True or not, Alana is begging to be heard.  She is already beginning to lose hope, she is acting out in desperation that some responsible adult, some authority will save her; will restore meaning and order to her world.  Her mom won’t, her principle won’t, Dr. Drew won’t, not even after she slapped him. Do something, help me, that is her cri de coeur.

What I am asking is that you act as the responsible authority for Alana.  Decide, and mean it, that you will never watch this abuse again.  Take the show off the air.  Only we can do it.  TLC won’t do it, and Alana’s mom won’t do it.  This show will continue to air as long as it is profitable, as long as people are willing to watch.  Maybe, just maybe, if Alana realizes that adults, that Americans, are actually not interested in watching her be exploited and abused, her sense of right and wrong, of decency and justice can be restored.  Maybe she won’t need to numb the pain, or stop it altogether eight or ten years hence.

The quality of our society is determined by the quality of the aggregate individuals who make it up.  There is really only one thing you can do to make our society better, and that is to make yourself good, when you are good, your example may inspire others to be good, and then you begin to have an impact, but it must begin with being good.  Be better than Alana’s mom and TLC, not by making fun of this poor child that has been sacrificed, rejected, and abandoned, be better than them by not abusing Alana, by switching the channel and by restoring some small bit of order to our world.  Please, only you can save this girl’s life.


Save Alana Thompson’s life.

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My Moral Obligation


If you’ve been following our blog in the last couple days you might have noticed that we took advantage of the fact that we, a ragtag group of traditionalists and conservatives, all seemed to be voting for different candidates in this year’s election.  All the candidates seemed to be represented except for Virgil Goode, and everyone knew who they were voting for, except for me, perhaps the last undecided voter in the country, and no, it’s not just because I’m a guuurrrrl.  So the result was that I was asked to explain why someone might want to vote for Virgil Goode. 

As far as I can tell, the best reason to vote Goode is because he has the best name of all the candidates. 

What I find most disquieting about this year’s election is that it turns out that, unlike some, my vote actually counts.  Something called micropolling (clearly, I don’t quite get the math behind this (and no, not just because I’m a guuurrrrl)) has somehow figured that my region will determine the outcome of my state, which happens to be an important swing state.  It would be so simple to vote Ron Paul if my state were a lock for either other candidate, but as it stands I feel my moral obligation acutely. 

Another reason to vote Virgil is if you hate our immigration policy, or alternately if you love our immigration policy.  If you hate our immigration policy, which has, in all fairness, been absolutely disastrous, you might want to vote Virgil because he’s the only candidate that seems to be serious about stopping illegal immigration.  On the other hand, if you love our immigration policy, you can also vote Virgil, and if you happen to live in a swing state, you’ll help the vote turn for Obama who will ensure that we continue down our current path. 

Do I vote for our president, whom I loathe?  Or do I vote for Mitt and encourage the Republican party to keep on being the Republican party?  Well, as some of my colleagues have intimated, a true conservative in non-ideological and always keenly aware of the pre-political.  Someone smart once said that we get the politicians that we deserve.  We don’t get to have Ron Paul because we don’t deserve him; we are too weak, too selfish, too slovenly.  If we are truly distressed by the state of our politics the best thing that each of us can do is to combat the main existing obstacles to goodness, which are our own human weaknesses. 

I thought I could not vote for Mitt Romney because I was, and continue to be so scared that he will take us into unnecessary wars in the Middle East and that so many will die, and their blood will be on my hands.  But there is no stepping outside of politics.  To not vote for Mitt Romney is to effectively vote for Obama, whose vision of our future is summed up here. I hardly recognize today’s America and I shudder to think what she will be with four more years with a president whose understanding of a decent and good life celebrates everything that our civilization once abhorred, that same civilization which built all that is decent and holy and good, which we are now so bent on eradicating.

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Yeah, tell me about it.

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Yes, a protectionist I am.


In undergrad I studied politics.  One of the requirements of my major was that I take an intro to economics course.  I had heard so many horror stories of students failing out of Prof.  Andersen’s Intro to Microeconomics, that I decided to first take Intro to Macroeconomics to better prepare myself.  I fell in love with economics during those two courses.  When compared to the meaningless parade of ‘politics’ classes on the EU, globalization, and globalization these economics courses were pure philosophical gold.  In retrospect, what I was so keen on must have been that economics only works if you accept that man has a nature, and that what he does can be predicted based on this nature; something none of my politics classes were willing to admit.  From that point forward I focused my attention on economics and in so doing salvaged some of my undergraduate education.    Continue reading

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