The Rest of Obama’s First Term May Commence

Well, Obama begins his second term. But really, it’s more like his first. Stanley Kurtz explains:

Ordinarily, a president enacts various policies in his first term, the public test-drives the changes, and the president’s reelection campaign is a referendum on those new policies. The difference in Obama’s case is that in order to secure reelection, he has backloaded nearly all of his most transformative and controversial changes into a second term. Obama’s next term will actually put into effect health-care reform, Dodd-Frank, and a host of other highly controversial policies that are already surging through the pipeline yet still barely known to the public.

I want everyone reading this to remember, I told you so. So don’t you dare blame me, I voted for Kodos!

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One thought on “The Rest of Obama’s First Term May Commence

  1. Does voting 3rd party count as voting for Kodos? I saw your explanation, but at the same time if enough people vote in protest for a 3rd party it could decide the election like Perot did in ’92. That would theoretically make the parties think twice in the next election.

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